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>Kv -?

kv -- a command-line key-value store integrated with the clipboard.
inspired by:


kv name fred smith
saves the the value, 'fred smith' under the key, 'name'
kv name
retrieve the value 'fred smith' straight to your clipboard.
lists all keys
kv h*
lists all keys that match the pattern 'h*'
kv -r name
will remove the key ‘name’ (and its value) from your store

You can also pipe a value in, e.g.

echo Hello Fred | kv Greeting
will store 'Hello Fred' under the key 'Greeting'
type File.xml | kv myFile
will store the content of 'File.xml' under the key 'myFile'
Keys are case-insensitive.

Where does it store the data?

Each key and value is stored in a separate file, in the folder %localappdata%\kv\kv.snippet\
Each file in that folder is named after its key (encoded so that special characters are supported)

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